and of course now we have Skype......

what a trip back....the 70's was this?
My WA State relatives told me they saw something very much like this at the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, but the model's hairdo and the general vibe of this ad are more 1968-71-ish.
I worked on this product years ago. A commercial flop, the price of one telephone was nearly $10,000 in today's money. Couldn't even interest the large brokerage houses. We DID do one large installation of them though in a hospital in Manila. Paid for by Imelda Marcos!!
What an awesome personal anecdote; thank you so for sharing! (The Imelda Marcos connection is especially wild. :))
The hospital was her personal charity and was named after her. It was a children's hospital. When we got the order for the 180 telephone system we were flabbergasted - and pleased of course. Soon after that, though, the production line was closed. It would appear Imelda didn't have a keen appreciation for the value of money....?
btw...Black and white image with horribly low resolution. Speakerphone sound was fantastic though - the Speakerphone part of the product was a complete success.
Sorry Joe! I meant to confirm your comments and got carried away. Yes, the exact time frame here is 1971-73.
I remember being a little kid watching The Jetsons. I used to imagine how neat it would be to have these picture phones.

I'll go totter off and have a nap now.
It was a good idea, but not for the time. The hardware may have existed, but I doubt the phone transmission lines of the day would have been able to handle the load if more than a few people bought this. Then again, if the laws of supply and demand really do apply, we might have had fiber optic cables, DSL, and T1 lines a lot sooner than we did.
Re: Yes
T1 was already well deployed by then throughout North America. But it was a revolutionary product regardless, requiring only two copper pair (conditioned though). And no special switching equipment either. Standard apapratus all the way! But you are right, ever increasing demand for image quality would have driven new developments that we never saw.
And a mobile picture phone, please, for when I'm jet-packin' around! A picture phone fitted with its OWN jet pack to fly along next to me or in front of me!
This is so very cool! It's always interesting to see the forerunners of the technology we use now (and take for granted.)
I'm remembering Jane Jetson getting a visiphone call early in the morning, when she still had what might be called "morning face". Before answering it, she pushed a button and a perfect animated mask of her own lovely, styled, made-up, ready-for-visitors face dropped down from the ceiling and positioned itself right between her and the phone.