Five Fun Friday Ads :P

Free Flying Saucers! The 3M Company, 1957 (via Christian Montone on flickr)

7 Gigantic Dinosaurs, Giant Dinosaurs, 114 East 32nd St., New York, 1958

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Whiting Papers, George A. Whiting Paper Company, 1955 (via File Me Away)

Anti-Littering PSA, Keep American Beautiful & The AD Council, 1970  (Via Found in Mom's Basement)

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and finally

Dopey Dan and Safety Sam, Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Gum, 1950s  (via leifpeng at flickr)
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Anti-littering rather than anti-smoking, surely?

These are lovely! I want a flying saucer!
That is some fancy writing paper. I wouldn't have that elaborate writing skills necessary to make full use of it, but it's still quite lovely.
1. Adorable! I want to be a 50s kid.

2. Says "Great for children." Yes, I can see that. "Terrific for parties." Sure--if it's a dinosaur-themed party. "Colossal for adults." What? I cannot even guess what that means. Does "colossal" have some sort of double meaning? I get uneasy any time I think of "adult" and "inflatable." I like all those little comments in the knock-out text boxes. "They swing and sway in every direction!" "They bend, lean, and tilt!" In other words, they are very unstable and you will constantly having to put them upright again. Not too different than those Christmas lawn inflatables (and, yes, I admit I have one of those tacky things!)

3. They were doing well with the one-word characterisitcs until they got to "personal." Who wants to be described as "personal"? Did they maybe mean "personable"?

4. This one is cute, but it's not really the ashes that are a problem. It's the butts. I remember seeing butts everywhere when I was a kid. That and pull tabs from cans. I agree with huskyteer--I don't think they're discouraging smoking.

5. What? You mean Marty McFly is a Dopey Dan? NEVER! But what is the deal with people riding their bikes at night while wearing black? Are they that clueless or is it a thrill issue? I see that all the time--but just barely.
I ride a scooter, and quite often shout "GET SOME LIGHTS!" at the barely-visible cyclists I pass.
I see, or barely see, people doing this in crosswalks in my headlights. Head to toe in black and gray at twilight - it's scary!
1. A molded Jello salad on a hubcap...only less scary than most Jello salads.

2. As always, the comparison of dino illustration to actual product would be Not so funny if you'd ordered the team o' beasts as a kid.

4. Henry Gibson -- Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In Poet!
Oh man, I LOVE that flying saucer one! I'd print it out and hang it in my kid's room, if I had a kid... I think I might print it anyway, and make an embroidery pattern of it. It's too cute!

My brother and I got a giant inflatable Stegasaurus for Christmas one year. We were so excited, we immediately pounced on it... and popped it. :(
At first glance, the "Distinguished" writing papers looked like a swastika.
Love the font in the "Mary Had an Ashtray" title. *sigh*

*spends the rest of the day at Found In Mom's Basement*
I remember those in #1. They're made of paper. Why do you think they need so much tape?

I, too, remember all the cigarette butts everywhere. People would dump them in parking lots ALL the time.

We smoke, and our butts go in the garbage. We don't keep an ashtray in the car, though. It stinks it up. We have an empty pop can and dump them in there, and then they go in the trash once a week, but we always remove it from the car to the garage each day. (okay, so I'm not recycling one can!)

Anti-smoking wasn't big until the late 1970s-early 1980s. We smoke at our desk at the bank until the mid-1990s. The branches went non-smoking in 1990 or 1991.