I'm sort of an old coot and wish they didn't tear down any rides that I.went on when I first went there in 1975. All I ask is to go on the skypods to Tomorrowland, get on the people-mover and then go to America Sings.

BTW Tarzan booted the Swiss Family out sometime in the early 90s.
At first, I thought "oh, how cool" because I thought this was someplace you could stay overnight. I thought it was part of the Disneyland resort or something and I was confused by the hours. I'm guessing this was just an attraction in the park?

I have never been to any of the Disney parks. Really!
I remember being a kid and thinking that "ride" — at least the one at Disneyworld — was the lamest thing in the park. You'd just climb up the stairs, walk around the platform, then walk back down.