These ads are fabulous! I'd love it if you would break them up.

Just too much wholesome goodness abounding here.

Although, I have to wonder about the driving suit. Still, a fascinating peek at life and times almost a hundred years ago.
i think i'm gonna make a 'sunday 10' tag just for you! :)
I just hate these multiple postings when the adverts are unrelated. Tagging is nearly impossible and many would miss the posting if the "top" advert did not interest them. It's also difficult to comment on one when there are so many to go through...each one deserves some mention but not going to bother with this many in one post.
well you certainly have the right to your opinion....but posters can post multiple ads in a post and they are not required to have a 'theme' or be alike in any way.....if someone doesn't click a cut, there's nothing i can do about that....

i believe only one poster does this, spuzz here, on sundays and it's for fun....

and tagging is NOT impossible, i'm just behind...i did create the sunday 10 tag just for him though...

i like the sunday's within the's fun....and it's not your thing...that is fine.....have a nice day! :)
I LOVE the one for Cellophane Tape! Especially the amorous snail.

And tactless remarks? Calling a girl 'Chubby' isn't tactless at all!
"Chubbettes" is such a great empowering sort of label name. I bet little girls the world over ate pies all day long in the hopes they would be considered plump enough to get a Chubbette.
I want to dress like those lady motor drivers.

I'd look totally ridiculous but I really wouldn't care.

Also I'd settle for dressing like the Lucky Strike women.
And I love how they make dieting into a GAME! That's so great! How many calories can you avoid today? Maybe they have handy tricks like munching on icecubes and cutting your food up into tiny pieces and then only eating half, or even the fun game of hide the puke bag...
I want the Chubbettes to be a real thing! Like a pleasantly plump chorus group!

Erector sets will never cease to be funny.
Not only do I share the 'Chubbettes' horror (and um, she isn't really all that 'chubby,' anyway!) but I love the tape ad - it's cute, but what a nightmare in terms of reading it all! (But the snail is adorable!)

And really, if your cigarette starts talking to you, I think somebody replaced your Lucky Strikes......
1. I had that Lucky Strike ad -- on an original magazine page -- framed on my wall for years. Whar'd it go...?
1. If it's talking to her, that ain't tobacco. What a creepy ad in so many ways, though. It's like a bottle of vodka saying it loves me and no one else ever will. (*this has NOT happened to me, personally)
2. Leaky water heater in 3...2...

LOVE the Scotch tape ad - so busy, yet so crisply illustrated.

and BAZAZZ! LOL an explosion of color AND they get to make up their own stupid words. I think we need to bring back the word "BAZAZZ".

Also, found an even more depressing Chubettes ad that I'll post later. :(
I want every item in that Lucky Strikes ad except for the product itself.

I love the Scotch cellophane tape ad; it appears to be from the era when 3M had to teach people what tape was, and how they could use it. (It's the price of being an innovator, I guess: When you're one of the first widgets on the market, you have to use your resources to teach people how to use widgets.)

For what it's worth, I'm fine with multiple ads in a single entry, even/especially when most of them are behind a cut. It saves my flist from taking forever to load, which would happen if they were posted as ten separate entries. Also, it's like double-bonus super-fun just by clicking on one link!
You put it up to 11!

3. I'm the first one to comment on the Pee Wee Tee Vee ad? No one else found it creepy? A middle-aged fat guy holding a phallic representation looking down at his "Pee Wee"? From the looks of where his hand seems to be going, you can just imagine what he's watching. My guess is "Charlie's Angels" and Jill is wearing a tight tank top without a bra and bouncing.

6. I love that they acknowledge that women might need clothing to do auto repair work. Well, for me that would be an old t-shirt and shorts or sweats, but I've never been stylish.

10. Bazazz. Sounds like hip-hop slang for badass. Fo' shizzle!

11. Make sure you chubby daughter knows she's different by buying different brands of clothing than her friends wear. At least it's more honest than the "Pretty Plus" sizes Sears used in the 70s.
The lady in the Lucky Strike ad reminds me of someone, but I can't quite put my finger on it!
1) It's nice that she was able to make an outfit out of the old blanket from the guest room. Perhaps she's a descendant of Scarlet O'hara.

2) Why is Billy trying to get Suzy to go into the closet? Why doesn't Mom seem to care? She just has that "Oh Billy!" look. Are the other kids trying to tell her not to go in there? Are they going to let Suzy back out of there or is she gonna spend hours and hours locked in with the water heater and hat boxes? I can see this as part of the backstory for a Carrie-esque horror movie: Pin the Tail on DEATH!

10) They should have Spiderman in that ad since BAZAZZ! is just too much like a comic book sound effect.