He is... the most interesting man in the world.

Size and shape for every taste, bondage girls!
My fave part might be the woman's fingers held apart, next to the EXTREMELY phallic cigar tip, making the "this big" gesture.
I love the girls.

"Gentlemen, as you can see, we're a bit busy to entertain you. But do leave those cigars."
"Oooo, pick me!"
"Pick me, Mr. Big Cigar man!""
"No, pick me!!"
"I need a man with a really big cigar, pick me!"
"I'm barely holding them back! Pick one and get this over with!"
Please take note of these EXTREMELY POWERFUL occupations:

Munitions Maker.

Wait, dramatist? Like, not even Ziegfeld, who at least was surrounded by pretty showgirls all the time.

(Sad but true: The finger-illustration also is accurate for... something else. Ahem.)
The preferred cigar of White House interns everywhere. (Just pretend it's 1998 and this joke isn't as stale as the smoke these cigars left behind, okay?)
I'm impressed. Somehow he's managing to smoke his cigar without having cut the end.