You think they're still looking? I can write a short paragraph like nobody's business!

(But the guy in the ad looks awfully depressed about the whole thing.)
Short paragraphs? No way! That dude is definitely the 8,000 page single-spaced manifesto type. The 350 pages that linked the Kennedy "assassination" to 9-11 (never happened!) were particularly scintillating. It's all a conspiracy, man!
*is suspicious*

And I kept reading the first three lines as "trained monkey", like three times.
Does anyone know what these short paragraohs were actually used for? Other than to place more ads to get people to write short paragraphs?

Also: I concur -- that guy definitely is the manifesto-writing type. Either that or bad beat poetry.
Learn to write. Three word sentences. No experience needed. We train you.

Dear lord, it's nearly a haiku!
See, this is why
I don't make any
money with my para-
graphs. I've been
doing it wrong. My
are far too
wide and the
words don't
get bro-
ken up between mul-
tiple lines.
"I'll show you what to write and my basement, chained to my wall, while you fulfill my paragraph fetish".