I want those boots! And being designed for men, they'll get round my calves which "suffer" from my using my legs to actually walk and are quite muscley.
YES! Tall boots were/are the bane of my foot-wear life, as my calves are too big to fit most 'standard' boots.
okay, dispite the fact there is little I wouldn't give to find a pair of boots like in the first ad in men sizes, what the hell is that thing to right?!

...Oooh, never mind I see it now, its a second person's back side. my bad.
#1: Those boots aren't exactly made for walkin.'

#2: Angel of Underwear, take me away!

#3: Oh, enough with the pouting, already.
#1) I want those boots.

#2) Cause nothing says sexy like pubes sticking out of mesh undies.

#1: those must be a bitch to put on in the morning.

#2: Matt Dillon???

#3: my mother says "ew."
The boots.
Nice and tall, but a little on the girly side.
Give me a nice pair of 20 hole gripfasts any day.
Too bad Blackhawk doesn't make a tall boot..
well the lady next to him IS in a shroud...mary magdalene?

pulling up a chair at your table in hell....

Ad #1: Nunn Bush? Looks like he got Some Bu... uh, nevermind.

Ad #2: Why is the lady dressed up as Princess Leia from Star Wars?
Re: #2
There was a miscommunication when they were discussing what they wanted for fantasy night, which is why they both look sad. He wanted Princess Leia, but in the slave girl outfit, and she wanted someone she could stand to look at from the waist down.
my eyes! my eyes!

DOOD! It's called a bikini wax! HAVE YOU HEARD OF IT MOTHERFUCKER?!?!?
I like the fur... He just needs some muscles to go with.

Oh man. If only those boots had stripper heels. Whooot!

It's funny how the 'waxed smooth' look wasn't the popular look back then, eh? Hair was in!

She's wrapped up in a satin sheet, he gets the crocheted doily. Iiiinnnnnnnteresting. :)
It's a crocheted coverlet~ VERY 1970's "Ladies of the Canyon"... I like his pose. Very "women's magazine get's back at Playboy/Hustler". I approve!
Those are some serious boots. I'm judging this man does not fuck around.

That Viva ad is compelling, the man is fine, and stupid strategically placed lacy coverlet.
Not sure I would agree with the first statement. I sort of think that's how he earns a living! ;)
There's no way that's natural chest hair growth in ad #2, especially when you look at the forest on his legs. The man was obviously mowed and pruned for the photo shoot.

Ahh, Viva magazine--for those of you who weren't born before 1980, believe it or not America was a fairly progressive country then in comparison with now. Sex and drugs were common topics and not so taboo. If anyone had told me at the time that 40 years later we'd have moved back to the 1930s I never would have believed it. But then I never would have believed we would get mired in two additional Viet Nams as well, or that the right wing would come back with such a clear and unadulterated vengeance.
I remember finding a VIVA along-side the road to the football field at school. Pretty racy stuff for a Junior high school student.
#1 - those boots....oooo...

#2 - I know pubic hair sticking out does it for me.

#3 - that's one sexy dude.
Re (2) I'm perfectly happy with body hair on a man, but when it looks like it's been sort of...drizzled a weird pattern that resembles a diagram of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries, with the man's nipples as the ovaries....yeah, then not so much.

They could have at *least* lit him in such a way that the hair wouldn't look like an accident at the black paint factory.