I kind of like Bugles (well, I liked them, not sure they still exist) but that is just gross.
I do too! There was also another one, shaped like bowties, that were famous in our house because dad put them in a bowl and ate them with milk.
For a moment, I was wondering why the heck someone would dump Quisp around a mountain of chip dip.

You know, the sweetness of the cereal might just play well with the cheese...
i'm...actually kinda surprised that bugles are that old. i thought they were invented in my lifetime (i was born in '82).

that said, dammit all now i want to tear up on some bugles. or fritos. NOM.

(clearly i'm PMSing.)
Looks funky, but the recipe sounds good. Crunchy, salty, cheesey snacky stuff, what's not to like?
Pimiento strips belong in green olives. Nowhere else. Least of all on that monstrosity.

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a mountain with signal beacons on it? XD
I never had Whistles or Daisys. Were they made of the same stuff as the oh-so-incredibly delicious Bugles?
Leave out the blue cheese and I'll so eat this. Yep. I'm an American and I love over processed junk food. Not ashamed. :)
I like me some cheeseball so this seems like an okay recipe. And the caramel salty-sweet Bugles are AMAZING in Chex Mix and on their own.
I apparently came along too late for Whistles and Daisies, but I must know: could you *actually* whistle with Whistles, or were they just a sort of symbolic whistle?