10 ads with pretty (more or less) women

Sorry, but I don't have much man candy on hand at the moment for those of you who are into that. (I'm working on it!) For the rest of you . . . 

1. Jet ad for sister publication, Ebony, featuring Nichelle Nichols, 1966

And here is how the cover actually looked. Don't ask me how a red dress came out looking white in B&W, but I can tell you that doesn't look like any Federation insignia I've ever seen (and, yes, I just gave you an excuse to stare at her boobs):

2. General Motors, 1973. Pretty and smart! 

3. Hanes, 1980. Good thing she's behind that wall or people would see how slutty that dress looks. 

4. Jhirmack, 1985. Yes, there was a time when helmet hair was considered sexy. 

5. Life Stride Shoes, 1960. I would wear that outfit today. Without the dead thing, though. 

6. Lucky Strike, 1986. I will always be this young, this outfit will always be in style, and I will never regret smoking. Make her blonde and take away the cigarette, and this is pretty much 1986 me all the way, attitude included! 

7. Maybelline, 1980. Yep, this was the Urban Cowboy era, but where I grew up, this look never really completely went away. 

8. Noir, 1976. Any guesses what's going on here? My guess is she's someone important who has just survived an assassination attempt, but fortunately she was behind bulletproof glass. Any other ideas? 

9. Smirnoff, 1966. Eartha Kitt: Win. Creepy donkey puppet: Fail. 

10. U.S. Savings Bonds, 1955. No, you tell her that outfit doesn't look hot. I'm not going to. But I would tell her that Phoebe Mozee (or Mosey, depending on your source) is as cool a name as Annie Oakley! 

so that's what my drink is called. a mule.

("effing delicious" is what i've been calling it.)
The awful awfulness of using a mixed race woman to advertise a drink called "mule" has hit me in the face and I cannot get away from it. DAMN.

Earth Kitt is mixed race? I didn't know that. Oh, just looked it up: she was very mixed: African, Native American, and Caucasian.

I'm sure the Mule thing was unintentional. She'd never let them get away with that.
I'd like to think so. But that ad was probably done when Eartha still had to take the goods lift, so... there's probably a hint that nobody actually thought to consider. I am pretty sure people were sometimes referred to as mules.
Well apparently Not Really but that doesn't alter the fact that, equally apparently, people did think that it did.

I didn't think about the mixed heritage thing at all. For whatever reason, Kitt agreed to be in the ad at a time when her career was going well and she could afford to say no. Maybe she was okay with the irony or maybe she just didn't think about it.

I should probably mention that the Smirnoff ad also came from Jet magazine, so if there was any intentions of being racist, I'm sure it went by completely unnoticed by the editorial staff. I wonder how many readers picked up on that, though.
Well that is good to know. It's probably a good example, my reaction, of how we've tended to get hair-trigger on perceived racism even when it isn't intended.
Actually, no. It comes, originally from an Arabic word, 'muwallad'. Not from the Spanish 'mula'.
I know, but not everyone does, and you ask the average person on the street and they would say the words are related. Which they are not, and I don't think that mulatto comes from mule, but they both indicate a mix of two different kinds of thing.
It looks as if Smirnoff trying to push their own variation of a Moscow Mule, which is vodka, ginger beer (not ginger ale), and lime.

Nichelle Nichols more than makes up for any lack of man candy!

I'm loving all the period hair here.
That's a TOS Federation insignia for Engineering (since she was neither Command nor Medical nor Science at the time). In other Ebony shots, she's seen wearing a science insignia, oddly.
Oh, okay. I knew that if I pointed that out someone would know the story behind that. I'll have to pay closer attention next time I watch the show. Thanks!
The girl in #6 looks familiar, too--who is she? And she has a stain on the hem of her shirt.
She does have a stain on her shirt, doesn't she? Looks like a ketchup stain. Very sloppy of the QCers not to catch that and either choose another photo or try to airbrush it out.

I have no idea who she is, though.
Nichelle Nichols! :D

#3: Support pantyhose? She doesn't need support pantyhose. She needs to eat a hamburger or something.

#8: I have no idea what's going on there. Maybe she's standing behind a decorative window? Or she may be part of the X-Men.
Re: #3
They never use women who need that kind of thing in ads for stuff like this. Besides, if they did, it would just show how the pantyhose give her a muffin top. All support hose do is squish your fat roll up a bit higher.

The Nichols ad is my favorite of this bunch! :) I don't think she ever did much product endorsement, so this might be one of the few times you would even find her in an ad.
#8: She was smart enough to stand behind bulletproof glass so she was safe when the sniper from the Makeup Police SWAT team took his shot.

They would've used a red filter on the black and white shot to increase contrast...using a red filter makes red become white when you shoot in B&W>
Oh, okay. Nice! I love learning stuff like that. I was wondering if they used some sort of retouching technique to do that to make the dress "pop" more in B&W, but it looked too clean for retouching. The filter explanation makes sense.
I want to know why she's wearing them with SANDALS. I know people DO that, but it doesn't change the fact that it looks effing WEIRD.
Sure thing! I'm starting to wonder if the world has changed enough that I, born in 1975, am on the end of the cohort that wore things like pantyhose and slips.
I was born in 1979 and I've worn pantyhose and slips when I was younger (like, say, junior high/middle school) but I hated them with a passion. I really do not like the sensation of slippery nylon against my skin.

If slips were made out of cotton I might wear them, but I just generally avoid any kind of dress that would require one. And I wear tights all winter no problem, but generally they're thicker than pantyhose! Pantyhose would look odd on my legs anyway, since I don't shave.
Yeah, I think there's a generational shift here, but I also don't think it's limited to that, either - many women have given up slips and hose. It's too bad, because in my opinion they often make a difference in how well clothing hangs and moves on a person's body. Slips made of cotton would be okay for the problem of non-opaque material, but I think they might not really work for the "slip" part of their function because of bunching and static.
(I do wear plenty of dresses and skirts--but nothing that requires a slip. I love petticoats, though....)
Neil deGrasse Tyson's podcast StarTalk has a two parter with Nicholls. Interesting stuff - especially how it was Reverend King that kept her in the role.
I love the story about Dr. King talking Nichelle Nichols into staying on the show! I'm so glad she agreed (as she indicated, how could she say no?) because the Trek wouldn't have been the same without her. Uhura's job in ST: TOS may not have seemed like much at the time, but just the fact that she wasn't a maid or something like that inspired so many African-American girls like Whoopi Goldberg, (ST: TNG's Guinan).

*nods* Indeed, Goldberg demanded the role because of Nichols :)

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Not that you need one. The angle of the shot makes it hard not to.

I'm also trying to think of any episodes in TOS when Uhura was actually working in the maintenance tubes. Seems like a contrived scenario and just an excuse to get a cleavage shot. She doesn't look happy about it either.
My memory is *so* bad, and those episodes were a long time ago....

It's possible she was. After the first season, she did more stuff than just the com board, so...maybe?

*needs a true TOS junkie right now*
If I were a woman like the one in the third one, I wouldn't hesitate to wear that dress. Maybe also if it came in black.