The Rectorotor

The Rectorotor, 1910s?

"The Latest and Most Efficient Invention for the Quick Relief of Piles, Constipation, and Prostate Trouble."

Behind a cut to hide the shockingly graphic nature of the device, with its "lubricating vent holes".

"none other able to reach the Vital Spot to such good purpose"  o_O

What can I say, but that it's real.  And that it was likely used for many and sundry unintended purposes.  From The Museum of Quackery.

And that it was likely used for many and sundry unintended purposes.

I kind of doubt anyone really bought this thing to get rid of constipation and piles.

This... is one of the best things I have ever seen here. Lubricated vent holes and everything.
And to this day, people show up in emergency rooms with various and sundry items lodged in their butts they swear they "sat down on by accident" and can't remove by themselves...
Wow. Yes, my mind was flooded with all sorts of images. That dilator will come in very handy! Especially if you use the unguent.
Well...that gives a whole new meaning to the words "Roto-Rooter."
"Relieving congestion in the prostate gland..."

Is that what they called it back then?
"amazingly quick results without ... massage by an attendant" - imagine strolling into the doctor's office in broad daylight for that purpose! Hmm, I daresay some would prefer the ministrations of an 'attendant' to this nifty but impersonal little device. ;-)

"Small Enough for Anyone Over 15 Years Old" - yipes! o__O
Rubber hose not included.
I suppose if someone shoves one in a nostril, it might help with the sniffles... maybe.
Hmmm, that looks like it just might work with a strap-on.