EDIT: I guess they still make it. (shrug) I've never had it.

A contest idea... How about a salute to the can?
i was just asking.....i didn't realize there could possibly be so many pie ads!!! pie ads have been tossed into the hat! :)
Ugh, yes! Canned asparagus is... actually, I don't have words to describe how disgusting it is.
My Mom makes this really fantastic cornbread using Mexicorn and some other stuff, plus cornbread mix. It's excellent with barbecue or chili!
A giant green guy wearing leaves and a dickie.

Normally you'd have to do a certain amount of drugs to see this.
..I was going to comment on his lack of a shirt.

I wonder if it rolls up all snappy like a window shade when he takes a mouthful of niblets and peas? :P
Actually, the niblets aren't that bad if you're going to use them in soup or something like that, and they're definitely better than the supermarket own brand.

Tinned peas, though, are just a bit nasty...
Oh, but when I invite the green giant for dinner, he's suddenly sooo busy.
I grew up with canned corn, and was occasionally delighted with the accidental purchase of the creamed variety. Not saying we had canned exclusively, of course.
Ugh! Me, too! And that is pretty much all we ate when I was growing up. Can't stand canned food now and the only time I buy it now is for food drives.
you mentioning it for food drives reminds me of the south park when kenny goes into a machine with blowing cans of food to catch and his parents yell "get us some corn kenny"....sorry, i watch a lot of south park....
Unlike freesing, nothing really cans very well. Tomatos are an exception. I guess pineapples are OK.
I normally don't wear an off-the-shoulder gown for canned corn, but she really makes it work.
Top Ten Signs Your Wife Is Having An Affair With The Jolly Green Giant

10. You find a love letter addressed to "My ho ho ho..."

9. Bottle of shampoo in shower which reads "For Oily, Green Hair"

8. Complains to marriage counselor you're not "jolly," "green," or "giant"

7. Secret admirer keeps leaving crates of frozen peas on your lawn

6. Her lingerie reeks of creamed spinach

5. In newest commercials, the Jolly Green Giant is wearing your bathrobe

4. The way she gazes longingly at a spear of asparagus

3. Your last two kids have been green

2. You've never seen anyone eat corn on the cob that way

1. She makes disparaging remarks about your "niblets"

From "The Late Show with David Letterman", 09/24/2001

Edited at 2012-02-06 03:16 am (UTC)
6. Her lingerie reeks of creamed spinach

That had me cracking up and gagging at the same time. I might have a too vivid imagination.
Well, at least they don't have full view of his, er, great big tender sweet peas.
I'm sad we can't see he sculpted legs in the shorty toga. I'll say it again, I was in love with his legs as a kid. :P
I was just glad he crossed those legs, at least at the ankles.

That green boy's got class, he does.
I guess I'm the only one who prefers canned corn to frozen, which I find too squishy. Just about all other veg I prefer fresh or frozen, however. The mere smell of canned peas makes me gag.
Cute ad. I've never seen the Green Giant dressed in his fancy duds before.
Part of me is wondering what techniques were used to create the illusion of size.
Part of me is wondering which one the Giant's going to eat first. "Grey hair? Probably be really gamy and tough. That one in front of me barely looks like a mouthful. That leaves... you."