my uncle never saw that ad
My aunt & uncle had 4 kids in a house with only ONE bathroom. My uncle refused to add a 2nd one, saying "we'll outgrow it". He realizes the joke's on him: when they chose a retirement house, they insisted on 2 bathrooms, but separate rooms.

Despite the universal girl/pink and boy/blue color codes, at least the 2 girls shown don't seem adverse to using either side. At least both sides are equally clean and seem similarly equipped.
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Your aunt is a saint. Six ppl and one bathroom is the recipe for nightmares.
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You have no idea. I live in a house with five other people...
And we actually have pretty much the same tub and shower-head that's in this ad!
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my grandparents did this, too.

Christmas was the worst. 10+ people all trying to cram in the bathroom to take a shower, going from oldest to youngest? yeah. There never was any hot water and holding in your pee when you're 6 suuuuuucks.
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Six people with one bathroom got a little better when we got city water and didn't have it trucked out to us.
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Yup - there were six of us when I was growing up with one bathroom. No way I could do that now. With our kids, I HAVE to have an extra bathroom.
I can't help but look at that sink and think of what a nightmare it must be to clean after it ages a bit.
I used to work as a pro cleaner so I can honestly say that they actually aren't that bad. I've cleaned quite a few bathrooms of the style and era and the biggest problem is the grout in those tile vanities. If it wasn't sealed properly it becomes a nightmare.
And of course they both only want to use the pink bathroom.
Twin on left: "I was here first. Just use the damn blue tub for a change!"

Twin on right: "No way! If a girl's tinkle place touches anything blue, she'll grow a penis! Everyone knows that."

Twin on left: "So what? Everyone says you're the butch one anyway!"

[Twin on right proceeds to drown twin on left in pink tub.]
We are currently shopping for a house, and I recently encountered a bathroom kind of like this, called a "jack and jill" bathroom. Different layout, I think the tubs were on either side of a wall, so it was basically two connected bathrooms. Similar colors to this, it felt like a sorority house bathroom.
I think the "blow" is probably intended to be a reference to a blown blossom, meaning a fully-opened blossom, and peach blossoms are pink, so there you are.
Is anyone old enough / poor enough growing up to remember sharing bathwater? Ugh.
Yes, I was born in 1962 and shared bathwater when we were 10 and under. After that, we weren't told to do that, thankfully!
I think both bathrooms are cute, and the idea of kids taking baths without fighting is really appealing. But, how old are those twins? 12? 14? A little old to be dressing the same.

The maid has to be busy ironing all their clothes and scrubbing their bathtubs.

Who else could even think of separate bathrooms for twins except the Rockafellers at that time?
"Two sinks. Two tubs. But just ask them for a toilet..."
It's Haley Mills and Haley Mills in The Parent Trap sequel The Bathroom Trap.