Keep smoking, darlings, and you won't be young and pretty for long.

Isn't that something, targeting young people with cancer sticks. The ignorance of it all.
Dear young lovers, whoever you might be...
It is not better to be snuffed out than faded away.
So, what, this is the beginner's cigarette?

(Personally, I think cloves were a good starting cigarette. You couldn't chain smoke them without puking, and they were slightly anesthetizing and low in actual tobacco. After a while I switched to American Spirits, either mild or regular....and then I quit smoking a couple years ago, before it really started to have too many negative effects, hallelujah.)
The artwork and colors/lighting on this are stunning, those daisies are lovely! I wonder what year it is, feels very seventies.
Again with the message "people who have been smoking for a while lose their sense of taste so any old crap tastes fine for them".