Wow wow wow wow wow.

I didn't realize that Edsel was a full new make of cars. I'd thought it was a model line.

I think, like the Thunderbird and Continental brands, the different names were all for the same Edsel. They were just different trim packages.
Huh, that'd be a tough call. Even the station wagons look kind of bad-ass.
I'll take the Edsels! They're sure to be popular, and I would be the envy of all my friends!
Well, shit. I was gonna say Edsel, but since it seems to be pretty popular in these parts, I guess I'll go with the T-bird convertible. Although, the Fairlane is pretty snazzy, I must say.
Wow! I want a couple of these at least! But how to choose even two? That's the trick.
Dibs on the Capri 4-Door Sedan. And on the Fairlane Club Sedan.
i know a lot of these are the same makes with different trims, but this is a heck-of-a-lot of cars to be selling at one time. and this doesn't even include their trucks. i'd hate to add vans and suv's and crossovers to the mix too.
I've always wanted an Edsel. There was one for sale, visible from my daily bus ride, when I was in junior high or high school. I think they wanted $50, and then there would have been repairs, and I wouldn't be able to drive it until I was 16, and $50 was like $500 to me at that point.

Did I mention I always wanted an Edsel?
I want that Fairlane Club Sedan at top middle. I know it doesn't have flames, but it looks like it should, right?

The couple peering from behind the banner are creeping me out. I think they might be commie spies! They're everywhere, you know.
This makes me think of a set of Match Box cars, as illustrated by Richard Scarry. :D
More two-tones than you can shake a stick at!