Betty Crocker Thru' The Ages,

... Betty Crocker thru the ages

Not an ad per say, but certainly vintage, and applies to advertising. I think this is quite fascinating, as we see Miss Crocker develop through the ages. She looks like a pissed off School Marm in 1936, and she looks rarin' to go in 1980, (before simering down 6 years later)
Miss Crocker's chocolate crinkles are my go-to chocolate cookie recipe. Thanks, Betty!
Just so you know for the next time around, the spelling you want is "per se". It's a latin phrase.

I like 1927 but 1955 is 'my' Betty, too. The others I wouldn't trust in my kitchen. They look like every school teacher I ever hated.
The 1996 one bugs me. I think it's supposed to look like some magic "everywoman," and instead she doesn't look like an actual person at all. She looks plastic.
The 1996 Betty was a computer generated composite of 75 different woman. She's an amalgam.
Not to say that any of the other Betty's were real (they were all the product of an artist's imagination) but the 1996 one looks less like a single entity because she was supposed to represent that magic everyone.
Given that the country is even more diverse than in 1996, General Mills doesn't bother to update the Betty and simply uses the iconic "spoon" logo and signature.
My book has the 1972 Betty in it. Bright orange, chock full of fondue and aspic recipes.

In 1986 she looked ready to kick some ass! We have different ideas about 1980 vs 1986.
I think it's the necktie/scarf thing, the ubiquitous 80s fashion statement. It makes her look more...conservative.
Somehow I really like the style in the 1969 one. It's the cravat (kinda), I think. Her face appears to be more open and friendly as well, with cleaner lines (I'm not an artist and not quite sure how to phrase this).
I think the 1969 Betty looks really good and I wouldn't mind having that hairstyle, but look at her in 1972! She's all frumpy and constipated again! Those 3 years must have been hell!

I think the 1996 Betty looks like Laura Bush, which is weird because I'm not sure if anyone outside of Texas knew who she was then.
1996 looks like... whatshername. she was in Buffy and How I Met Your Mother and the American Pie series. Only with a slightly longer, less heart-shaped face
Ah, yes, that's her name. I can never remember - whenever I try to think of it, I instead conjure images of Lesbian Band Camp Featuring NPH, which... I don't even know how that makes sense.
The 1955 Betty seems the warmest. :)

The 1996 one isn't even real! She's like those movies with the creepy CGI look.
actually, they all look a lot like the First Ladies of their era.
of course, 1968 was absent. her hippy-commune days I think we'd all like to forget.
It also shows what the times were as to what was considered sensible at the time.

I remember a performance artist in Saskatoon did a hilarious piece called Betty Crocker's off her Rocker. Brilliant.
1955 my fave Betty, 1996 yuck. The cookbook I got when I graduated high school in 1980 has the 1972 Betty. I still use that cookbook; has great pie crust and pie recipes and dessert recipes.
I like 1986 best (though not the awful necktie). She looks friendly and approachable. And 1955 who looks like the sort of aunt who'd make delicious scones and cakes.