also, theyre finally admitting you can just throw everything including the kitchen sink in jello.
This look like a still from some kind of Twilight-zone style horror movie - you think it's very cute, this replica in a gelatin dessert at the fundraising party, but then you look closer, and see the tiny little people struggling to free themselves...

I'm disturbed that no one took the time to make garnishes for this. GARNISHES ARE IMPORTANT.
When I saw this, the first thought was..Gulliver's Travels!! People of Lilliput are in there!!


And agreed. I feel kind of guilty for finding it cute before before thinking of those poor tiny people and horses.

I've heard of a ship in a bottle, but never a house in Jell-O. At least, we don't have to break the bottle to get it out. We can just eat the surrounding gelatin.
In Soviet Union, gelatin dessert is made in factory!
I am confused as to what this ad is supposed to imply... but I'm gonna vote yes anyway. xD