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If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask!! You can PM me here on LJ, email me (please put vintage ads in the subject), or find me on facebook.

Also, because Livejournal is a sinking ship, we have started manning life boats over to Vintage Ads on Dream Width...DW is still invite free!! founded by LJ former employees and people are VALUED there and not treated like crap! :) A few months ago DW has started letting you post images if you post via email---even to communities!! DW instructions here and yes it can be a little tricky, any problems, please message me and I'll help you!!
Thanks for kind inviting, will join with pleasure.

Meanwhile, concerning livejournal. I think, that rumors of a sinking ship slightly exaggerated, but agree, it's nice to have additional rescue boat. Just in case.

With the changes made to YouTube, how do we embed commercials from there onto LiveJournal/DreamWidth?
find where they put share---sort in the same spot, but not, then get the code to embed---not the link (ie: http://youtube.com) but the embedding code.....then just cut and paste that into a post on LJ or DW....now the couple i've posted since then have worked fine, but i see that youtube (on those) didn't give the option to use the old embed code, so i would suggest you hit 'preview' to preview your post before you post....

i hope i answered your question....if not, please tell me how else i can help you!