What kind of fresh hell is this???

It's like the Charles Dickens Little League or something.

Looks like that catcher has been standing a bit too close to the batter. Repeatedly.
Hannibal Lector's got nuthin on that kid. Thank God that other kids got the bat!
That is terrifying. To me that looks like a version of "Boardwalk Empire Babies" (and wouldn't that be a terrifying show), because the batter looks so much like their Al Capone.
soda right up my nose aughasdasd laughing too hard at ejia's comment

edit: is the ad saying: buy sporting goods because otherwise your kids look like this? post-apocolypic street goblins from some warriors meets left 4 dead crossover

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The average life span was shorter then so kids had to reach middle age before their teens. I would say the catcher should be wearing a helmet, but I think it's a little late for that now.
Igor had a son and he's one hell of a baseball player

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Does he really have to signal for a "number 2"? Can't he just call a time out and trot?
Maybe they've been into the lead paint?

Hoo boy, that's one creepy ad.