I love it too, especially the little diner corner. I would only throw out the ugly grey-yellow linoleum and the yellow curtains, otherwise absolutely perfect (and I usually hate built-in kitchens).
Every kitchen should be laid out in this simple, efficient manner! Why don't they? Just looking at houses over the past month there are some DREADFUL layouts. Simply select cabinet tops, flooring, tile, etc to suit your taste/era.
I'm not so sure about the gas refrigerator, but I sure do like the color scheme, the linoleum, and the corner window, not to mention that rockin' stand mixer.
Oh, kitchen-want! I'm not even sure I'd change the colors...
HA! We have that same "perfect work corner" in our kitchen.

It's not so perfect. I actually end up doing a lot of work on that little strip of countertop in front of the sink...
I like the counter layout. I would have the sinks against a wall, though, and have that surface closest to the dinette just a plain countertop.

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Love it. I have a red kitchen, and I'd love to add that madras-plaid upholstery would that I had a nook.

However, I've never heard of a "gas refrigerator" before! Seems counter-intuitive to have a power source that generates heat.

I'm also guessing it wasn't popular!

Grey :)
I love the built-in diner look and that end-flap on the counter. I'd change the colors and make everything electric but II want this kitchen!
I love the booth in the corner. We had one many years ago; that one had seats on both sides of the table, though.