There's something endearing about an ad that tells people to just get over themselves.
Am I right in assuming that the fine print is telling me to use shaving foam as shampoo? Ugh. That just sounds horrible!
Shaving cream in a tube like that is pretty much just, for want of a better term, 'moister' shaving soap. Shaving soap is just that: soap with stuff like scents added. It wouldn't really be bad to wash your hair with, but probably wouldn't work as well as shampoo.

It'd be about the same as getting your hands all lathery with a bar of soap and using that to wash your hair.
i read an article a while back that let people test different "shampoos" and got people's reactions. something like half of the people preferred the dish washing liquid.
Well it is "tough on grease," which would sure as heck clean the sebum etc. off your hair, which is probably how a lot of people judge shampoo quality.
Sorry, but anything that "wilts whiskers" is NOT going on my hair! Underarms, maybe, not not my hair.
Well darn. My shaving cream doesn't make me smile like that. Then again, I don't gather up about 5 face-loads of it on my shaving brush either.

probably a word that should not be broken across two lines.
if it was a great poo, i wouldn't be so concerned, but it's a sham-poo! i don't need any more products offerring me fake poos! i want real, manly poos! toilet-clogging bricks of poo! =D
I am disturbed by anyone who takes as much joy in shaving as this man does. Those bug eyes.
I think that man in the ad should have his thyroid levels checked.