Man: It was the beer, honey. He could have dropped it.

Woman: Oh, okay... ::has suspicions::
wet paper bag could spell disaster!

Actually, this is not so much about the beer as...

wtf am I saying it IS a beer ad
They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Apparently, the guy in the trenchcoat has a similar idea. :)
I think we need the "gay subtext" tag...or, there a "beer subtext" tag?
If I were that woman's husband, I'd tell him to stuff that umbrella where the sun don't shine-- and then open it!
The bag is really big, almost too big to have the beer poking out the top without a case to hold all the beer. What else is in that bag anyway? More beer?
I'm with you on the gay subtext (though not so much 'sub') tag here.

Also: the name of the beer had me in stitches!
German 'Schlitz' translates to fly, groove, slash, slit... Coincidence? I THINK NOT! xD
(That is, I wish...)