Man, that ad is just BURSTING with double entendres, symbolism and god knows what else.
And the whole "competing with Psyche in a costume party" thing totally reminds me of the Woody Allen brining a moose to a costume party routine.
Nope. Nothing at all suggestive about the way the guy is holding his, um, ski, in the bottom photo. Move along, nothing to see here.
He's just waxing it! That way, it makes for a smoother glide over the hills and down into the valley... hmm, I'm just making things worse.
A very real possibility, considering how her legs and dress trailing behind her imply that she's flying forward at considerable velocity.
It's amazing how quickly we've gone from a society which could use names like Psyche and Ajax in popular advertisements and have people understand the Classical references to a society which has to look up what those names mean.
We still have NIKE sneakers & sportswear, Mercury cars and such.

I still remember Ernie Kovacs making fun of the White Rock commercial with Psyche falling off her rock!

Sadly, with today's Coke / Pepsi / Cadbury-Schwepps tri-opoly, there's just no shelf space left for any other brands such as White Rock, RC, C&C, Boylan's, etc. Unless you're in California at the sonda-pop only supermarket.
Y'know, if a topless flying woman appeared to me in the ski lodge, I don't think I'd be inclined to refute her claim to being Psyche just because she was offering me ginger ale instead of fizzy water.

I'd be more likely to be wondering just how hard I hit my head when I wiped out on the slopes earlier.
Darn. Yeah, I only lived in MO a few years. I wasn't born there, so I don't have the show-me gene. I'd still think a half-nekkid lady hovering over him would be showing him enough as it is.
I was born in Missouri, but I would be saying, "okay, you have shown me quite enough, dear. Fly along now and consider buying some panties on the way home."

No, even at the time White Rock had a problem with people calling her “Pishie.” What I didn't know was that they had equally grave problems (from a League of Decency standpoint) with her tiny, transparently sheer costume. Domino Mask needn't have worried; the judges would have asked this young lady to leave.

The kids in the ski lodge seem to be enjoying the education they're getting. Everyone else seems to it too. Shucks, even that deer head appears to be ogling her..ginger ale bottle.
She sure enjoys showing off her goods. O_O

"Clap if you want to save Tinkerbell. Okay, now, clap if you want to help buy her a new dress."