This is a pretty ad, but I see a whole story going on here. The woman is yellow is annoyed at the woman in blue because she's taking too long to get to the car. Probably because her feet are so small and she's trying to check her text messages out of thin air because cell phones wouldn't be invented for several decades.

The guy seems to be gesturing to someone outside the frame. That pose says, "oh no you don't, girlfriend! Not in that hat. Go put on that little number I helped you pick out the other day." She should listen. He is never wrong about this stuff. That's why the girl in the back on the left is covered in flowers. He did not approve of that dress.
I believe you overlooked something. It would seemthat smallfootbluelady's texting on on a phone that won't be invented for another 80 years or so has opened up a hole in the space-time continuum.

That would explain why the guy appears to be slightly thin and elongated. He's being sucked into a black hole in the back of the car
Yes, that's a better theory. Or maybe it's a Federation away team and the car is a shuttlecraft designed to look like a 1915 earth vehicle. That's not a phone. It's a tricorder. Apple trees are extinct in the future so they've come back in time to get some DNA samples so they can replicate them later. I think the woman in yellow is Deanna Troi.

'Hey, loser, get in, we're going shopping.'

Someone had to say it.
They're really hamming it for the lens; I'd love to see what Miss Blue sees through the viewfinder on that box camera.
That's what that is! I tried for the longest time to figure out what she was looking at, but the black-on-black made it look like she wasn't holding anything. All the posing makes so much more sense now.