Great picture - very Jetsons. I love Perceived Future pictures because you can always find something that they completely missed or didn't think of. Modern home, modern flying car, totally 50s hair and clothes (hey, styles return), but a paper grocery bag.
I once remember reading an old story which proposed interstellar travel---but the reporter along for the ride was still using a manual typewriter!
I can hear the sound effect of George Jetson's flying car even now! ;)

^----- Bat-Hound doubling as Astro. ;)

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These *never* fail to amuse (and disappoint). That house, though, that was very real. A wonderful mid-century modern, and look at that wall of windows on tle left. And a two-hover-car garage. :D
Ha! I didn't even read the replies and ended up saying much the same thing, stomp and all.
*thumbs up*
Ever get the feeling that at some point since this ad was made, we (as a society) just stopped dreaming?

Back then, it felt like anything was possible. But today, the only thing people seem to dream about is faster smartphones.

What happened?
Or people realized enough drivers can't safely operate their cars on land worth a damn, so why add something that would make it worse?

“already building new plants and facilities to provide it” - all burning oil, which gushes from the ground in seemingly limitless quantities…

For a short while.

Aaaaand then big oils godzilla foot stomped down on them all and ended the dream.
The end.
So much in this picture...

Who's motion-sick first? The girl or the dog? And for the love of heaven, I hope little Judy is at least sitting down when Mom lands, or she's sure to hit her head on the dome. This thing really, really needs seat belts. And as shadowturquoise said, there's always glitches. The big ol' Fifties style steering wheel. I wonder what the turning ratio is, because I can see that rather tiny craft flitting all over the place.

Also, where's the trunk?
Pity anyone over 6 feet tall who tries to drive that car. The dome doesn't clear Mom's head by much. A taller driver would be up against the glass (or plastic or whatever the dome is).

The rear view mirror is thoughtfully placed where it'll give Mom a good view of the back seat and not whatever's behind the car.

OMG, that mirror. You're right, how useless it would be! And Mom's head relative to the dome... ouch!

Why would there be no parking problems? It still takes up space and you have to put it somewhere when you reach your destination.

Okay, so I can't have the car, but can I have the house? And the land? Damn, that property must be worth a fortune!
flying car but still using a push mower for a half acre of a yard? haha, poor dad down there. i like that there's no seat belts in the 50s, somehow that always blows my mind how cars just didn't have them until what, the mid 70s? crazy

i still want a flying jetsons car, curse you speculative fiction from the space age, you ruined all the future for everyone by getting our hopes up
At first I thought these were supposed to be alien invader women. Would explain a lot if those were my ancestors...