If you KNEW what kind of undergarments they have on: longline bra, waist cincher, long-line girdle, petticoats...not any of it breathable, some of it rubber. Gack!
Well, there are alternative sources of protein for the gals.

Just sayin...
I can't help but laugh when I read the phrase "grape nuts." Oh, maturity.
Wasn't Dick Sargent 'Darren" on Betwitched? Nice advertising campaign if you ask me... Maybe Endora helped?
Well, the first ad is certainly proof that human cloning has been going on for quite awhile. All the more reason to push for a worldwide ban. Yeah, you want a lot of these running around? Didn't think so.

In the second ad, I hope Mom doesn't forget to tell her daughter the part about vomiting it all up.

And, no, it's not that Dick Sargent. Turns out the actor took the name from the illustrator. (The actor's original name was Richard Cox. Have fun with that.)
The knitting needles with the measurement on it sound like a good idea, but if it's printed on, it'll wear right off in a hurry....I have a little flat metal device with inches on it for measuring stitches per inch, and it also has holes to stick your needle in to figure out what size the needle is, because anything printed ON the needle is going to wear off.
It's nice when the headband goes with the main outfit and the eyebrows and mascara match the belt.
Send in the clones...There ought to be clones... Don't bother, they're here.