I thought the one on the phone was grabbing the other one's groinal region 'til I scrolled down.
Maybe that's why the guy in glasses looks so irked.

Hey, where in the hell are you putting your hand? Oh. Never mind. That's my hand in there. Sorry.

The other's guy is thinking, In your dreams! I wonder how long I have to pretend I'm talking to someone before you get the hint and leave.
"You *bastard*! How dare you block my access to the ash tray. I feel like I don't even *know* you now!"
"Why don't you put your hand somewhere more... comfortable? For the both of us?"
To me it looks like Lance there is shocked and upset that Mark is spending so much time talking to Chad from Accounting instead of looking at his plans for their new sun room.
Nice ads. I especially like the first one. The man in the glasses reminds me a little of Rupert Penry-Jones.