I always hoped suspected something was up between Red Butler and Buddy Blue.

If I wouldn't get sued for plagiarism, this is an updated not-for-children's book begging to happen.
Technically, and we go back and forth on this all the time, but any type of jacket, covering, wrapper and what not is not considered ADVERTISING.
i guess i'm the 'board' or should it be 'broad'? hah! i know there have been discussions on several posts (no i have no idea which ones or how to search for them) about album covers, etc....i understand where technically in a way yes they ARE a form of advertising (as in book covers, magazine covers, etc) they aren't pure ads, such as ads you would find in a magazine, billboard, etc.....

when they (album covers) occasionally pop up, i usually allow it with a comment that they aren't considered ads in the way we define them here but it is fine to have one posted from time to time.....i would extend that to book covers too.....and this is a beautiful book cover!!
Amazing how a such a lovely, trippy image suddenly starts looking suggestive in all sorts of odd ways in light of... things.
Beautiful! And now I want to read Dicky Delightful's adventures in Rainbow Land, oh, yes. ;)