I know aliens probably means immigrants, but I have this image of the typical grey space alien standing outside a polling precinct feeling extremely sad they can't vote.
And The Doctor can meet his past selves. Future-Doctor may accidentally let something slip in the past and influence the outcome of a major election or vote before its time (the Butterfly Effect).
I take it since this was printed that idiots have also earned the right to vote as well as run for public office. Re: pretty much every U.S. election I have heard about.

(Yes, I know what they really meant by that term.)
Sadly though, it would not be until 1919 they got the right to vote.

"1917 Ella H. Aldinger of Lansing, Betsy Graves Reyneau and Kathleen McGraw Hendrie of Detroit, and Mrs. G.B. Jennison of Bay City join Alice Paul of the National Woman's Party to picket the White House in support of woman suffrage. Reyneau is arrested and sentenced to 60 days of hard labor in prison.

Governor Albert Sleeper signs a bill on May 8, granting Michigan women the right to vote in presidential elections.

1918 Michigan male voters approve a state constitutional amendment granting suffrage to Michigan women.

1919 Michigan women vote for statewide offices for the first time."
My first thought: "Ohmigod! They mentioned Finland! I'm from Finland!" My second thought went along the same way as ejia_arath03 's.

Maybe I should concentrate the real matter here. x)
MY first thought was "Nonsense! Idiots vote all the time!

My second was "Wow--the mentally handicapped were banned from voting too?"