I know aliens probably means immigrants, but I have this image of the typical grey space alien standing outside a polling precinct feeling extremely sad they can't vote.
And The Doctor can meet his past selves. Future-Doctor may accidentally let something slip in the past and influence the outcome of a major election or vote before its time (the Butterfly Effect).
I take it since this was printed that idiots have also earned the right to vote as well as run for public office. Re: pretty much every U.S. election I have heard about.

(Yes, I know what they really meant by that term.)
My first thought: "Ohmigod! They mentioned Finland! I'm from Finland!" My second thought went along the same way as ejia_arath03 's.

Maybe I should concentrate the real matter here. x)
MY first thought was "Nonsense! Idiots vote all the time!

My second was "Wow--the mentally handicapped were banned from voting too?"