those are pretty, but i'm still sticking with the "i like pink the bestest" stance that i am pretty firm on. ;)

on the TP issue...somewhere my grandmother had a roll of toilet tissue she got in japan in 1978, when she came to visit us. it was printed with words in japanese and english, for people to learn how to speak english. :D
Pretty! But the 2nd dress doesn't look like it's made out of tissues. Reminds me of Shalwar Kameez that's worn by Pakistani & some Indian women.
The real sadness here is that colored tissue is so bad for you. The dyes used are prone to causing irritation in an already sensitive area. Oddly I confirmed with a doctor once after being denied by my Mother in my requests for the blue toilet paper as a child in the market.
These are lovely. The green dress looks like it used to be a bedspread or curtain.
I love the orange outfit! So exotic and elegant. The rest: oy.