terminal tower is BEAUTIFUL inside!! right inside the main entry way it's just gorgeous!!! you use to be able to go up to the tower to look at the city but they used 9/11 as an excuse to stop that (they even charged for it, so ????) but now apparently on weekends you can go back up there to look out.....

but the entry way is all original and just breathtaking!!
That was stopped long before 9/11.

I haven't been able to get up there even before they re-did the Terminal Tower (which IS gorgeous).

I heard they stopped it because of the swaying in the wind or because someone got outside and dropped a penny, which injured a pedestrian below.
huh, i remember after 9/11 they said they were stopping tourists from going up there....i remember shortly after they had a sign inside renaming it 'freedom tower' but common sense prevailed and they took it down (i didn't have my camera on me when i saw that sign)....dunno how someone could have dropped a penny cuz it's enclosed....i went up there once in the 90s and it's all enclosed....i know it's open on weekends now though---it was on weekends thru last summer....need to check that for the next time we head up that way, which should be if they hold the taste of cleveland this year!

i LOVE some of the buildings in downtown cleveland...the federal reserve building is amazing inside!!! all the marble in there!!! and even the civil war memorial in front of terminal tower in public square is really interesting---we never knew it was 'open' til we were wandering around one weekend day up there!!!
They may have re-opened it at some point then.

When I worked downtown in the late 80's and early 90's, several times we went down there at lunch or after work w/the kids, to see the old architecture, and the tower was "permanently" closed.

Maybe they did some work to stabilize it (I do remenber at one point there was scaffolding around the obeservation tower), and then re-opened it?

The Federal Reserve is one of the only PINK marble buildings in the US. It's gorgeous inside & out.
yeah i think up until 2010 there was scaffolding all over the building....they were remodeling....they now have an elevator directly up to the observation deck too...

i think when it use to be open before 9/11 it wasn't all the time.....(which after i type that, i realize is a confusing statement.....).....

federal reserve is an AMAZING building!!!! i could really stand in there for hours just staring at everything!!!
I'm guessing Cleveland's residents felt a bit more positive about their city back in the 1930s.
Um.... we feel more postitive about it now, too. I long for my hometown every day. I miss so much.

Blossom Music Center, the Metroparks (aka Valley), Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, downtown, Terminal Tower complex, JACOBS Field, my house, Cedar Point, Westlake, the Flats, the museums, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Indians..... now I'm gonna cry....
the zoo?? love the cleveland zoo!! :) not a fan of the rock hall, unless they have free admission....want to go to the new aquarium though....love the museums!!! western reserve and the art museum!! the arcades, though it's hard to get into the old one since it's become the hyatt but i love to look at it....

they have really redone downtown from like 20 years ago....and the higbee building is now a casino with people lining up around the block to get in there!!

don't cry!!!
heard about the Casino.

I now work for a gaming company (runs the machines in casinos), and heard about the opening. I didn't even know the voters had passed a law! (We moved out of state in 2008). I find it funny that I have always been against the gaming issue in Ohio, and now I'm working for a company that provides the software, equipment, and video games! LOL

(And yes, the zoo! The "famed" Brookfield zoo here is a joke! Though the Lincoln Park zoo is nice, just not very big. The art museum, Wade Park, the gorgeous Severance center, Cleveland Clinic, Lolly the Trolly.)
yeah, voters passed the law i think in a couple years ago---i think when strickland was still governor but then he dilly dallied trying to block it....cleveland did mess up with the casino placement though...they WERE going to place it in the flats, remember where the time warner amphitheater was in the flats? where the rib fest/taste of cleveland always was?? they decided to place it there---w/o studying the land....closed the place down, studied the land and realized, oops! not stable enough to support a building that size, so to the higbee building they went!! which sort of sucks for taste of cleveland---they didn't hold it last year & the rib fest, cuz people are so use to it being where it was and now it's over on the other side of the flats by the power house......

we thought the line outside the casino was funny!! nothing like standing in line waiting to spend money! :)

the severence center is gorgeous too!! i won 4 passes to the cleveland zoo (not that it is expensive!!) so we (eddie & i) will be going up twice this summer....one of the absolutely best deals ever---excellent price, can bring in own food/drink, and the animals seemed well taken care of!!!

OMGosh, how could I have forgotten that!

I'm always bragging abt it, here, cause there's nothing like the West Side Market here.