More Jewelry Ads - Boucheron, Paris, 1945-46

Boucheron (Paris) had this amazing color palette in their ads, very counterintuitive to selling jewelry with beautiful women, but striking, and very clearly defining the Boucheron woman of postwar Paris.  A great collection of them (five pages/100 ads easily) is HERE.

noluck_boston posted three already: 1  2  3   Here are a few more (all from the 1940s) by the artists Pierre Simon & Jacques Demachy.

boucheron_1944Pierre Simon

boucheron1941Jacques Demachy

And a big one (my favorite)


I also love that one you posted where her face is all in blues with that weird exhausted expression. They made some very daring ads.
I loved that one too!.
We have high end printers at work, and I printed one out. Message me privately and I can send one off.
These ads are beautiful, and so much more daring than the ads today that display tons of flesh in a bid to be daring and controversial.

Not saying I'm not at least a little on board with that....