My older sister had the black can with blue, red and white writing on it sitting unopened on her desk for years. It said SEX. Which made me, being 8 1/2 years younger than her when she first got it, giggle like mad. I called it her sex can and wasn't lying! LOL!
Totally! I always thought it was an urban legend, until one of my high school teachers showed us. He'd saved the cans for YEARS, lol.
Happy Birthday, Spuzz.

I remember the can in the lower left corner, but not the others.
Happy Birthday, spuzzlightyear!

Gads, those cans! I also remember those. *creaks*
I remember them, as well!

Ahhhh.... Pepsi! Then PepsiCola, now PepsiCo.

How I love thee, except for Tab (only good Coke product).
What year/decade were these? I feel like I should remember them because they look very 90's to me.
Happy belated, spuzz!

I should show this to my son. He loves pop art. He had an awesome art teacher last year who taught him about this style. I know he'll totally deconstruct this and tell me all the reasons it's not really pop art!