*sigh* I'm old enough to remember when pocket calculators really *were* cutting edge technology, along with marvels like digital watches. %-} I wonder how people thirty or forty years in the future will view the technology of today?

(I love the ad btw. Isaac Asimov has my Inner Nerd happily squeeing!)
I read Asimov's explanation for this - he got given a Radio Shack computer as a gift or something, liked it, and agreed to do ads for them when asked.

Basically - it did what he wanted (help him keep his writings), and he was happy to say so publicly.

Kind of funny, really.
My parents had the desktop TRS-80 and I wrote my first lines of Basic code on it at age 3. I miss when Radio Shack had all sorts of educational kit toys, that was the most fun I had in early childhood. We need to bring that kind of stuff back.