Our Story Continues...

"Dear Future Pop Star," the note from Ed Sullivan said. "If you are reading this, I am dead and only you have the map to my treasure. It's hidden in a secret location, concealed in a Chesterfield box. Watch out for my heavily perfumed mistress who will surely try to steal the box from you. To find the box, you'll need this letter and some Czechoslovakian "outdoor flavor" sausages to feed to the creature.


Because guarding the Chesterfield box is something truly horrible - a giant, bloodthirsty....
A bunny eyeing meat like that is just wrong! What the hell was going on in those former Soviet bloc countries?
He's even got a raised "How you doin'?" eyebrow! See where godless communism leads? LEERING BUNNIES!

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I don't think it was made of rabbit meat. I lived over there approximately at that time and don't remember any rabbit salami.
True, the rabbit is eyeing meat in a rather peculiar way, but they were doing that all the time. All the time!
I love the style on this one. Ah, Chzechoslovakia...
Sausage made of BUNNIES??!! No, no! It's bad enough I have to buy my tortoiseshell cat canned bunny catfood because of her allergies-- oh, dear, bunny sausage! D:
I have to point out that there is nothing in the ad that says there are bunnies in it.

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