Is it just me, or does the underwear guy's head look like a 12 year old boy's head? It's sort of jarring- even more so when you notice the guy's underwear bulging. And the other other soldier seems to be enjoying the view.
Scandals indeed.

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He looks like a young Superman...actually, maybe this is Superman, before the suit.

"Um, realise you're just wearing your underwear, right?"
"Aw, crap."
"Yeah, man, no one's going to take you seriously. You might even get arrested flying around like that."
"I need to come up with a costume or something. Maybe with a cape."
"Oh, a cape would be SUPER."

Exactly what kind of fatigue are those meant to fight, exactly?

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This was my question as well.

Perhaps more ill-fitting or other styles of underwear are more tiring for your bunkmate to remove...?
I think 'fights fatigue' may be a euphemism for 'keeps your junk from flopping around'. I have a Bike Athletic Supporter ad in an old boy scout handbook that says the same thing.