As in, "How 'bout a little Rolex in the hay?"

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The greatest conversation piece I'll ever own?

Oh sure. This would go really well with my work suit and at that moment in the meeting with a client when there's an awkward silence, I could just conspicuously "check the time". Conversation started!
Uh, guy? C'mere. If you were hot enough for a total stranger to want to fuck you on the spot? You would not need a cheap novelty watch to break the ice.
I want to know if there was ever a woman in the history of ever who was charmed enough by this watch's 12 year old 'hur, hur, hur' mentality that she went home with the strange man who thought the watch would be a sure thing.
$49.95 was a lot of money back then. Think how sexually desperate a guy would have to be to drop that kind of cash on this. Personals ads sites today should sell them for $250.00. Suckahs.
I assume this ad appeared in a high quality publication such as Penthouse or Hustler. I'm disappointed, however, that they only accept BankAmericard and Master Charge. What about those with a Diner's Club or Players card.

$49.95 for a(probably crappily built gold-tone) watch in the 70's? Dang.
I think we need to have a contest for "Most jaw-droppingingly amazing ads" & enter this one.

we did have 'you're advertising WHAT?' which sort of fits that.....

this should have been entered in the jewelry contest though!!!
I must have that watch.
I called the toll free number. It still works! Ha!
Oooh, now that you've showed me your watch, I simply MUST lie down and remove my panties.

Er... NOT. ;-)