Univac eventually became Sperry Univac, then merged with Burroughs to form Unisys. They missed a great chance to name the company Sperroughs... Typically the message "You tried to divide by zero" was accompanied by a 200-300 page core dump.

What memories...

hahahaha, 300 page core dump. The first computer I work with was a Burroughs 6500. What a beast. The air conditioning required could have powered a 747.
hahahaha, I *KNEW* ALGOL at one time! And COBOL. And SNOBAL. We mostly did engineering stuff, though, so were doing our work in FORTRAN, of which most of that too is forgotten. "Do loops" hahahahaha
These are great! Back when Human!Endeavor was upwards and outwards, and we all dressed like grownups.
And now most of us have cell phones more powerful than all the computers in this post put-together.