Fluff-O Mfg. Co. and Magic Cheese Chips. Seems legit.


POPULAR PRICED FOOD PRODUCT An exceptional business which be started on a small scale and built up out of profits. Decidedly unusual! You can work at home. Chips come to you already made. Simply drop into hot grease [take back out again] and they're ready to eat -- big, tasty, crispy, delicious!  No complicated work. Experience unnecessary. Stores do your selling for you. You don't invest a cent until you've sold yourself on the possibilities. Then you can start with $5.50 Investment. Money back guarantee goes with initial purchase.  Send for information -- convince yourself this is an unusual business and opportunity [Oh, I have!].  A business for men and women alike.  No super salesmanship, no big investment.  We furnish everything -- display stands, advertising, etc.[Etc.??]  Get the exclusive rights for your locality.  Write at once.  Sample and particulars free.  FLUFF-O MFG. CO.  Dept. 1515-G  ST. LOUIS, MO.

This also seems very legit:


It's not every perfume that also DRIVES AWAY EVIL.  D:
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TMI: When I was a kid the notion of being able to buy something that was a "genuine alive lodestone" in a bottle would have freaked me out. Something about a thing that is ALIVE in a BOTTLE.
i have a bottle of that lodestone perfume! i bought it at an antique store a few years ago. the top is sealed shut, probably rusted, so i have no idea what it smells like. i would imagine it's not very good.