OH man, I want that teapot.

I have pyrex bowls that were a gift to my mother at her wedding in 1962. It really does last!
As somebody who still has most of the pyrex she got for her wedding & shower in 1985, you can always use more, but it'll usually be an addition, not a replacement.

And what I love the most about this add is the fact that the 1925 pie plate looks exactly the same as my 1980's version.

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Yep, most of these designs are so simple and modern that they are still current. I would love to have that swanky casserole dish, though.

I have the Pyrex mixing bowl set with the snap-on plastic lids. (Talk about classic -- the ribbed shape is based on Roman glass found at Pompeii.) Twenty years later the bowls look like new, but the lids have had it. I wish I could just replace the covers, but they aren't sold separately.
I had no idea Pyrex was that old. Good to know!

And, according to America's Test Kitchen, Pyrex is the best for baking pies. My mother has some that are more than 60 years old.

I too have some identical pie plates from a friend, unknown vintage, and a newer, bigger one that's great for clafouti or keeysh. I would happily take everything in that ad, except the au gratin thing.