I like this! My mom had an electric typewriter left over from her days as a secretary, and I learned to type on it. I liked the noise so much!
You're lucky; my mom had a Royal manual from when she was a secretary, and the keys stuck—but I did learn how to type on it.
Used to have a Remington Office manual typewriter. Big bugger. Got to where I could type 55 wpm on that thing....the thought of how much effort it took to do that nowadays makes my hands hurt...but my first learning to type was on an SCM portable. Yeah, it was manual, too...
oh god it took me a minute to realise "manual" referred to "manual typewriter" and not "booklet of instructions" :p
Electric-repeat actions! Oooh, I forgot about those! They were kind of annoying, though, if you were a novice typist. Suddenly your machine would type a bunch of characters in rapid succession and you couldn't figure out why for a moment then you realized you pressed a key too hard.
When I was a preschooler and my mom would set me up at her typewriter for fun, electric-repeat actions were my favorite thing. just going eeeeeeeeeeeeee on the keyboard and listening to the clicking noise it made. :)

When I learned how to type on that typewriter, it was a completely different story. Curse you, electric-repeat!
The typewriter that I got for graduation from high school in 1974 looked just like this one, but the ribbon was in a cartridge. (It was their Coronamatic model.) This ad must be pre-1963, because it doesn't use a ZIP code, so you can see that they didn't change much. And, yes, the electric-repeat actions were a real pain in the ass.
I had one exactly like this! My parents bought it for me when I entered junior high so that I could type my reports. :) I took a typing class (most practical learning I ever had and that lasted all the way 'til now) and was on my way! :)