I agree totally with this ad. Pop in real, "bottle-cap" glass bottles is the very best. (Especially if it is an old-school recipe with no HFCS in it, because then I can have it without screaming heartburn.)
Johnnie Ryan sodas are made, in Buffalo, NY, and have cane sugar in glass bottles. I tend to have lunch with my wife at Wegman's on Fridays, and treat myself to a cola, or a black cherry, or a birch beer, or whatever. Sometimes I have a Mexican Coke, Pepsi, or Patio. My little weekend luxury.
There is a chain of natural food stores in my area called Earth Fare that always has a vat of Mexican Coke on ice (wow, that statement doesn't even sound legal, does it?) and it always looks so yummy! I try to resist, but I give in sometimes. I rarely drink soda anymore so I like to have the good stuff when I do.
Exactly! Drink less, drink better.

Now that I look at the ad again, I'm remembering the ads — radio, I think — about how bottles were "uncanny"! I mocked them at the time, but now I prefer glass bottles, like those little 8-oz Cokes. Last time I was in Texas, there were six-packs of little Dr. Peppers the same way. I don't recall if they were made with sugar, but I enjoyed them as much as if they were, anyway. And there's nothing like them here in my part of NY.
I love my soda in glass bottles. Enough that I'll happily pay double for it at the international grocery.
Any of you folks have ads for Duffy's beverages? "The fast answer to thirst."
"How do you feel?" "I feel like a Duffy's!"

They were, I always thought, Denver based, and when we drove into town from Fort Collins, we'd pass a billboard with a huge freaking six-pack atop a pole rising from the sign, and think, in my childish way, how much soda that would be if it was real.
I can't be the only one who, at first glance, thought "Are those condoms?!"
Lol. Yes. I was all, "Well, there's your total party kit right there. Condoms in the bucket of ice with some refreshing beverages."

Not really sure you'd *want* to have condoms on ice though, for safety's sake.
Ooh, these look great on such a terribly hot day! :)

I prefer my soda in glass bottles, too. Maybe I'm just an old-fashioned girl but I like it that way! :)

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Fantastic ad. It's making me thirsty just looking at it, and making the Coke Zero in a can on my desk look sad in comparison!
wow my brain went right past the gutter and swan-dove into the sewer.

however the ad looks very yummy!
The artwork is lovely, but how much competition did glass soda bottles really have in 1955? Was that about the time of the rise of steel cans?