Anyone else get the impression that Blue Panties might be a dude? I guess the arms and legs seem hairier than I would expect for a woman, but the 70s was a very hairy decade for all genders.

Not that it lessens the rape implications.
I thought the same---not only hairy but really thick fingers and prominent veins. Not really seeing implied rape so much as two people wearing really gross tacky watches having sex, though. If they're both that crude, no reason it shouldn't be consensual!

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I guess it could go either way (on soooo many levels!) in that it looked to me like Blue Panties was trying to fight off Fuck Watch's advances, but maybe not. Now that I look at it again, Blue Panties might be giving Fuck Watch a caress. As long as it's consensual, we're good.

As for the veiny hands, I'm getting to an age where mine are getting like that so perhaps Blue Panties is an older woman with a bit of meat on her bones? That would be cool, but I'm sure she can do better than nasty Fuck Watch, there!


For once, I'm glad to see an ad with the picture of a woman with NORMAL skin.
Right, but it seemed to be more than that, though I'm not quite sure what. As furnacechant also mentioned, the hands seemed rather veiny, but some women have veiny hands too. Actually, I kind of like Blue Panties' gender ambiguity!
Imagine pressing the message button at the wrong time. Well, assuming this thing would have been legible enough for coworkers or people in the grocery store to see it and be horrified, that is. I guess seeing 'I LOVE YOU LETS FUCK' wouldn't have been much fun after hairy girlfriend left you for someone with a calculator watch, either.
Note that the woman's watch doesn't get to use bad language. Tackiness plus sexism for the lose.
I like this one so much more than the other with just the guy's watch. Instead of one sleaze trying to hit on everyone in a bar, it's a couple of klassy folks who've found each other.

I sarcasm-free love that not only was the woman's body hair not airbrushed out, no attempt was made to minimize it at all.
"I sarcasm-free love that not only was the woman's body hair not airbrushed out, no attempt was made to minimize it at all."

YES! Thank you! I find it pretty cute actually. Little blonde fuzz.
I agree with everything you said. I don't find this disturbing at all.
Those people wear their watches in strange ways... they appear to be wearing them upside down. Or maybe it delivers the 'message' that way for easier reading?
A watch that says "Let's Fuck" for when yanking off her panties doesn't quite get the message across.