As one who worked for over a decade in the largest hotel in NYC, I can assure you that you do NOT want to know how a hotel works, especially in the subterranean levels.
I don't doubt it. I do feel sorry for the poor guy sitting by himself in the boiler room (10). It's like, next time remember to bring a book with you or some porn. Something to pass the time.

I wish the restaurants I have worked in were that organized. Maybe they weren't "big" enough. Also, where are the dishes washed? Is it that one guy in the yellow shirt and white overalls close to the vegetable prep area? One person for that whole place? That would suck! Though I can't say the concept is alien to me. Sometimes we didn't have two people, one for clean and one for dirty, and that was a huge PITA to have to wash your hands every time you changed sides. And, yes, I did wash my hands even if it was sometimes very quick. I can't say the same for my manager when she would come in to "help," though. :P