Jolly Cholly's Funland - North Attleboro, MA

You don't see much of the Funland small amusement park in this ad. They closed down in 1979. Even though it is on Route 1, the ruins are still there today. Those pictures are kind of sad to look at.

Is this across from Stop and Shop? I know the old drive in sign is still there, so many places that would be interesting to explore now totally gone!
That is the place. Most like it went away because of insurance regulations and high gas prices. It's too bad, they all had character. The mega mcmusement parks we have now still have accidents and deaths despite those regulations.

I agree, the picture of the abandoned sign is sad. It's always depressing seeing former fun places and former shops/buildings being left to rot.

Was the black & white photo of Funland taken during its run or after it closed down?

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Jolly Cholly
To answer your question. The black and white photo shows Jolly Cholly before it shut down. I know because my father worked there in the 1970's and by then the ferris wheel had been torn down by then. Since the photo shows the ferris wheel it must have been before my father worked there.
Nothing says "Fun" like walking under the crotch of a giant bandy clown

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