Awww...I love that. It's so sweet, and the artwork is lovely. And the little implied story is just adorable. (and you just KNOW what's going to be happening on those sheets soon.)
Sweetness and fight, that's what! She appears to have a bandage on her left foot. Probably from a round of "fight." Hey, as long as it's consensual and they both remember the safety word!
I thought about that, but I didn't see it on her other foot. Then again, maybe she has only one stocking on.
If you look at the toes of her other foot, you can see the hose. Maybe the heel's just turned around from all the rumpus, so we can't see it.
This is a great ad! Sweet, and terrific artwork! I'll bet it sold a lot of sheets ;)
Great artwork. That's a lovely pink dress (or nightgown?) she's wearing.
What's the story here???

He wants the letter back - she's apparently having fun reading it. But why is she laughing and resisting?

Are these his letters to her, to another woman in his past, or to a woman he's two-timing with this gal (who noticed them under the bed when she was.... well,...)?

Or is he "that way", this is his "friend", and she's in hysterics over his florid letters to Roger?