Where are they now? Smith-Corona

I don't know what made this device any different from a typical tape recorder. I checked Smith-Corona's current location, and they're now located in Cleveland, Ohio. Now 410 Park Avenue is the home of the Manhattan Business Centre. There is also a Maserati corporate showroom, and Ferrari has an office there, so it must be a good place for high-end car dealers. According to the website 410park.com you can rent executive suites for $2,500 a month or virtual office space for $90 a month. The head offices of the NFL used to be there, but they moved to 280 Park Avenue.

In the early to mid 60's my aunt and grandmother would communicate via tape recorders. I know telephone long distance rates were exorbitant at the time, but it's hard to imagine the cost of two tape recorders would yield a payback in any reasonable length of time.

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A transient technology. SCM made Dictaphone-like dictation machines for typing pools. this is simply an adaptation whereby sender and receiver each have a dictation machine and can pop in cassettes mailed between them. Yawn. This would have lasted 2 years? And phone calls weren't THAT expensive, even then.