I would love to have a suitcase with a giant question mark on it just to mess with the TSA.

The second one reminds me of a place near my college that was a laundromat with a bar annex. I know the idea was that it would be a cool student hangout where you could sip a beer while waiting for your clothes to wash and dry, but because the other major demographic in that town was immigrants, the reality was that it wasn't any different than other laundromats around there. I mostly just wished the machines would hurry up and that I knew how to say "KEEP YOUR DAMN KIDS UNDER CONTROL!" in more than one language.
Of course, I would only do that if I wanted to miss my plane and was really desperate for intimate contact with a surly stranger! ;)
this case contains the only thing missing from their perfect happiness - WHAT IS IT

Le mom needs to recover from her accident and get rid of her neck brace. Then they'll be happy!
yeah- i was gonna say that: qu'est-ce que c'est just means 'what is it?' or 'what's that?'
my favorite french expression is qu'est-ce que c'est que ça?, which, if dissected, literally translates to 'that is it that it is that it?' but, French being French, just means, 'what is that thing?'
Ad copy roughly says: Do your laundry in a club! In a club atmosphere, do "one touch" laundry while taking a half hour rest.
1) A suitcase is a horrible place for a pet.

2) Do the men take their laundry to their folks' house?