Ack! Green eye shadow.
I have a friend who still wants (and does) wear green eye shadow. Anyone who says anything negative about it--like, you know, it's out dated, it looks tacky, it doesn't flatter her--is immediatly on her "Why are they so rude? Why would anyone say that?!" list.
Next time, I think I will just show her this ad and tell her, "This is why..."
Actually, I'm with your friend on this one. Who cares if it's green? And anyone who does approach her and say it looks tacky IS rude. They can keep that crap to themselves.
Looks like a meth addict came down and is trying to cover up her punched-out eye.
Wow, that is one creepy ad. I agree with the OP, one of the worst makeup ads ever.
This would not make me want to buy the makeup at all. Trying to convince me this is really separate looks and shit does not appeal to me at all. They couldn't even keep the gunk out of her eyelashes for the ad?
This is a '70s look, all right! :D The top one isn't so bad, but the rest is a bit much.
That looks like it would be an important part of any zombie's makeup kit. I wonder if it came with a trowel so you could slather on a good thick coating in one swoop.
I dunno whether to be creeped out or confused as to what this is?