I dunno, some hat styles look good again.
I still have my "overseas" Garrison boyscout cap and colored sailor caps, but to call that "The Gob?". I guess something doesn't make sense out of context.

The Sailor "K" belongs in Disneyland as one of the duck nephews :-)
There's one for the OED - first wild sighting of "tween-age".

Why is the "Eton" school cap modelled on the one British school of this generation that didn't wear caps?
Everyone on the left got beat up a lot as did the Eton kid on the right. Poor little bastards.
Mom used to make us wear trench coats and fedoras when I was in fourth grade. We looked like miniature Frank Sinatras.
I know, right? "Passable" "Acceptable" "Okay" "Hey, really, what do you expect at this price" rayon ties.
And then there's 'Aralac,' which is imported from a far-off planet. Given, the chance, I would fedora the hell out of my toddler, who'd probably enjoy the attention.
My dad growing up in Scotland had to wear the "eton" as part of his school uniform. or at least, he liked it enough to wear it in the few childhood photos of him we have!