Mad Magazine "Ads"

I was inspired by noluck_boston to find some other Mad Ads:

FULL SIZE 976x1280
I particularly love 50's ads about the wonders of new packaging - this captures them brilliantly.

FULL SIZE 1007x1280
And of course, Maidenform ads are a class unto themselves.  I love this twist.

FULL SIZE 960x1280
The oil portrait top half, the text-heavy bottom half, the 50s politics - all spot-on.

FULL SIZE  984x1280

Nikolai Lenin? wtf hahahaha

the whole ad is amazing, thank you
I'd like to note that all three of the illustrated ads here are the work of the great Frank Kelly Freas, who was one of Mad's Secret Weapons back in those years, and who probably achieved his greatest renown as an SF artist. Dig him up on Google and I'm sure you'll get plenty of samples.